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04/05/2013: Radio Talk - KPFA Berkeley, CA

21/02/2013: Unemployment – Where to Focus?

15/10/2012: Today is a very special Monday!

04/05/2013 17:34:17
Radio Talk - KPFA Berkeley, CA
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Host Veronica Faisant from KPFA Berkeley talks with author Rosanne Martins.

21/02/2013 21:03:52
Unemployment – Where to Focus?
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Apparently, the chances of you or someone in your family to lose a job in the XXI century are great. And the truth is that we not only have some level of fear of being dismissed from our jobs, but we also live in a constant state of threat and doubt; specially when the economy, at home and around the world, is showing alarming numbers of unemployment on a regular bases.

Under the new science perspective that says we are not passive observer of the world where we live in but co-creators with the vast universe, I wonder if we are not contributing to create more and more of what we fright, instead of focusing our attention on what we really want out of life.

I don’t have the intention of creating an “a” to “z” manual on how to survive unemployment. First because this would make me an expert on the subject, and, thank God, I lived it through only once, and second because I am convinced that losing a job can be perceived as a new beginning that comes with the “promise” of something much better. No, I am not being Pollyanna or delusional, but, honestly, this has been my real experience with my husband’s dismissal from his executive position after 18 years of service to a company we regarded as an extension of our home.

Of course the news was shocking and devastating. I lived in fear, denial, and rage for a long time. Nothing changed, until I was ready to open my heart and accept the present that the universe had sent our way. Yes, the gift may have come wrapped up in journal paper, but there was gold inside the package, and who would have guessed before opening it?

What I am really trying to convey here is, first, the importance of “Acceptance”! Life changed fast and dramatically for the better when I acknowledged the change. It all started with “Acceptance”. Therefore, I urge you, in case of unemployment, to accept and give thanks to all you have. It really does not matter which God you believe and trust. However, be thankful to life and accept everything that is present for you right now. Because when we fail to accept and find happiness on everyday life, we also fail to improve the major areas of life: health, relationship, children, friends, knowledge, career, and money.

Nothing lasts forever in an ever evolving world, either good or bad. And when we learn not only to go with the flow of life, but also focus our attention and intention on what we want, living in doubt or in fear that something may strike us, or our family has no meaning. Life is controlled by the power of our mind and imagination. Make good use of it, and rest assured that the wise universe knows better than we do.

I am not trying to minimize the impact of unemployment and the negative influence it can have on our emotional, physical, and spiritual life. However, if we are willing to cooperate with life’s lessons, the benefits that we can reap are as big as or even greater than the devastating side of the unemployment experience.

To counterbalance all the hard aspects of the phase, especially if you are married and have young children, here are some practical steps:

  • Boost your body and mind with stamina through exercising. Whatever you implement throughout your day will be made easier if your trick your mind with happy hormones in your blood.
  • If you still have children at home, plan activities with them and enjoy the time spent together. Something you may have never had!
  • Develop a detailed, contingence plan with your spouse, and have a goal, a purpose together. This will keep the couple working as a team.
  • Build and expand your network of contacts through social media and professional organizations. Let friends, family and professional contacts know that you are looking for a job, and ask for referrals and connections to the organizations you are interested in.
  • Meditate - Envision the life that you desire and have an unwavering faith that you will succeed. And remember, this too shall pass!

    Rosanne Martins

  • 15/10/2012 11:04:22
    Today is a very special Monday!
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    To know more about the book and order it, please go to: www.rdreamscometrue.com

    Rosanne Martins

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